Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hump Day Confession

A Hump-Day Confession 

It's early Wednesday morning - half way through this non-stop work week. Hallelujah. 
As a follow up from my most recent post, I registered for classes yesterday. I wish I could claim success in mastering the skill of registration half way through my fifth semester as a college student; instead I must confess my amateur knowledge in registration left me with two classes when I seriously thought I was signed up with five. Jenny Froh (a wonderfully amicable academic advisor and dedicated TEAMS advisor/friend) came to my rescue with her authority to get me into my classes quickly and efficiently. 
Thank you Jenny, and infinite thanks to my friends who got me through R-Day unscathed. 
Wishing everyone a peacefully uneventful end of the week :) XXOO

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