Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Musing

Is anyone surprised that I saved forty hours of work, re-packing, bulk-grocery-shopping and textbook purchasing to the last week of my five week winter break? Because I'm not.  

It's Tuesday and on top of these things that I must do, I have a short list things I want to do before Saturday:Visit Lovah-Boy at school   Have a romantic (or any type really) dinner date with him on Friday night  Bring my little cousins out for ice cream  Attend the jewelry party my aunt is hosting at my house  Drive down to College Park early Saturday morning as to settle myself into my vacant apartment, and make it for the 5pm basketball game 
Right now with laptop in hand and Parenthood blaring from my TV, my to-do-list seems unpromising and ominous. My view from the couch is much more deceptively pleasant. 

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