Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists!

Last night, Christine, Emily, Lauren and I exchanged gifts. I can officially cross number 1 off my Christmas Wish List!!! Thanks Laur! I can't wait for January 1st to start listing ... 

Of course I snuck a few peaks ahead in my agenda, and came across a week that asks me to "List places you would like to see in your home city." There are MANY places I still need to visit in my two urban backyards (NYC and DC) but after this past weekend I can cross one place off my DC list: Ben's Chili Bowl.  This hole-in-the-wall restaurant located on U Street is frequented by Bill Cosby and President Obama and is notoriously home of the best Chili in the nation.  Ashley, John, Kelly, Sam and I took a drive last Friday to find out for ourselves.  Complete with blaring Motown music, bowls of spicy chili, loud servers ,and a car load of indigestion, our experience was  one to remember. The chili was more than worth the $5 and a side of heart burn, and I definitely plan on returning. 
On another note, the Yellow Room got a pet last week.  It's a female, gray-faced, furry white hamster. For the past week it has remained unnamed, due to the grueling process of narrowing down a list with twice the amount of names on it than there are students in the class.  Today was the final vote. The final four nominations standing: 
Little Snow Flake
Little Sweetheart 

Drumroll please .... 
It was a very close race, but there was a winner by one vote. And the newest addition to the Yellow Room can now be called "Little Sweetheart." The children are SO excited about Little Sweetheart.  Unfortunately, Little Sweetheart has "Wet Tail" syndrome (aka the runs) which can apparently be fatal in hamsters. Even more unfortunately, Little Sweetheart is apparently the only gray-faced, furry-white hamster within 30 miles of the CYC. 
I can't say whether Little Sweetheart will make a miraculous return or not ... but I can assure you I'm glad I won't be there for the next five weeks to find out.  

On to my next list of things to do: Final Exams. I'm two down, two to go.
Math 214
EDHD 411
EDHD 425

 Wish me luck! 

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