Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I walked out of my FINAL final exam to some serious snow fall this afternoon..

For some reason the bitter cold, mild snowfall and the realization that I have NO more work to do until January 23rd put me into an instant state of laziness.  Things I've done today:

8:00 am: Went to the Gym.
9:30 am: Showered.
10:00 am: Realized Katlyn left with the blow dryer.
10:05 am: Frantically searched for a hat to cover my sopping-wet head
10:30am: Began my Journalism final..
12:30 pm: Completed the four essays that compiled the Journalism final.
1:00 pm:  (here's where it goes down hill...) Ate lunch.
2: 00 pm: Took a nap.
3:00 pm: Made hot chocolate and watched "Real Housewives: Beverly Hills" with Sarah on the couch.
4:00 pm: Blogged.

Maybe soon I'll pack so I can return to 354 Plainfield Road and begin my 5 week break of extended lethargy.

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