Tuesday, February 22, 2011


aka, Registration Day.

Thanks to my inability to make even the simplest decisions independently, and my irrational anxiety over my near future, Registration Day has become a day to dread for me and my close friends alike. The days leading up to my registration appointment for the past four semesters were filled with angst, countless hours on the phone with my alleged decision-makers (Mom, Chris, Lauren and Katlyn - all who understand they actually have no final say in the matter, but listen to me rant for my own appeasement), and minimal nausea.
This year, however, Katlyn has only viewed and approved three(or four) of my possible schedules, and aside from this post, the rest of my life coaches barely even know tomorrow is D-Day. 

I am 13 hours and 38 minutes away from my registration appointment, and I am unhesitant to admit that I am almost approaching slight confidence in registering for a sufficient Spring schedule. Wish me luck.

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