Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: Best and Worst

Thanks to my good friend Lauren, I have learned the beauty of the "Best and Worst" reflection, the "Rose and Thorn" of your day, if you will.  Aside from filling voids in dinner conversation, asking others to state their "best and worst" can also apply to an entire year in review.  C had to be expecting it when I rolled over this morning and spoke those three words for which he never yields a good answer. "I don't know Magg" was all I got, which I accepted with the knowledge that he still had fourteen hours to come up with a response.

Then I got to thinking about my own Best and Worst of 2011.  It was in that moment that I realized I am absolutely, one hundred percent, whole-heartedly ready for the start of a new year.  I am almost shamed to admit it, but reflecting upon my year, it was easier to come up with multiple competitors for "worsts" of the year than "bests." 

I would like to think of myself as a typically optimistic person, and I really am trying to view the year in a cup-half-full sort of way. Although my low points of the year are situations that ought not be swept under the rug, I can at least attempt to downplay them by counting my blessings and highlighting my bests.

I took my first road trip with four of my best girlfriends for a relaxing and memorable Spring Break. 
 In April, my Relay for Life team exceeded our fundraising goal for The American Cancer Society. It was the most money I raised for this (my favorite cause) to date. 

Hands down, the first two weeks of June were of the most fun in my twenty-one and a half years.  Celebrating my 21st birthday in Atlantic City with my best friends, and then in Cape May with my handsome boyfriend were moments I wouldn't give up for the world.  

At the end of June I had my first experience as a lead teacher at summer camp with the most adorable children, at the most amazing school I have had the pleasure of teaching at.   

surprised Loverboy at a football game in Connecticut, which they won, and when the game had ended he jumped over the fence to give me sweaty kiss that made the drive so worth it. 

My student teaching experience began at one of the best elementary schools I could ask for -- preparations for my future career have truly begun! 

I am glad I forced myself to remember these blessings the past year have brought me, because I am now even more excited to see what 2012 has to bring.  Here's to hope that the worsts of our past are resolved, and that the future is brighter than we imagine.  As always, have a happy, healthy, and sparkly new year.


Monica said...

What a great way to look at it! I hope your 2012 is more plenty more bests than worsts!

Ashley said...

Loved that little 2011 re-cap! 2012 will surely be amazing, girlfriend :) Miss you bunches. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing up your student teaching, what an amazing time, right? What grade do you hope to teach? I teach 4th.

Cara said...

You had a great year! What's better than a birthday in AC?? I actually had mine there this year too!! :)

Donna said...

Looks like a fabulous year! Happy New Year!!

P.S. I just nominated you for a blog award. Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow morning :)

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