Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Last year I claimed to make some resolutions which, sadly enough,  I never actually resolved.  I was very serious about the goals I set out for myself in 2011, but time slipped by too quickly as it always does, and I find myself another year without new goals.  Maybe it's the procrastinator in me?

I even took the time to write a very serious blog post about my resolutions for 2011 which can be read here if you would like a refresher ;)

My first resolution was to write more. In any form, whether it be blog, story, poem, etc.  I think I picked up my blogging game slightly, but there is where it ended.  This year, I resolve to start a journal where I can put more personal thoughts down. I also vow to write more things that reflect me in my blog. I am not going to say that I want to blog more frequently, because I find when I set myself to blog a certain amount, I end up blogging about things that don't matter all that much to me, things that are somewhat superficial and borderline meaningless.  I started this blog as a reflection of me, to outline my accomplishments and trials, and to have an outlet for the little creativity I do possess.  In 2012 I will try to sincerely write about what means the most to me, not just words to fill up the page.

My second resolution was to run more.  I hoped to run my first 10k and begin training for a half marathon.  Although these thoughts remained in my mind throughout the year (I even came close to hitting "submit" on an online registration for a race in DC,) ultimately neither of my goals were accomplished. HOWEVER, I did take a leap and applied to become Les Mills Body Pump certified, which I have proudly completed.  I do feel satisfied that I at least made one major change for my fitness, however I am still disappointed I did not meet my running goals. Therefore, 2012 WILL see at least one 10k. I think I'll sign up this week.  Any suggestions for good first races on the East Coast??

Lastly, I resolved to "find my something interesting." This my friends, is a work in progress.  I'm getting there. And through this blog I hope I can discover and share with you this process.

Wow. Looking back, 2011 was moderately unproductive, huh?
This year, I hope to keep the resolutions of 2011 in mind, but also accomplish one other concrete goal.  In 2012, I have decided to learn how to cook.  Sure I cook for myself now, but the menu is typically limited to grilled chicken, pasta, scrambled eggs, and stir-fry.  I need to expand my cooking horizons.  I want to be able to cook for my friends, and make it enjoyable.

On NYE I decided I would practice my future trophy wife skills and cook C a lovely homemade dinner. The side dishes were delicious, but the pork chops I made were barely edible. C said he liked it and even ate the whole thing, but I think he was just being polite.  He was probably just happy that I was cooking in my 5 inch pumps and my pretty Vera Bradley apron. ;)  If it didn't taste good, at least I looked good. Fake it 'til ya make it, I always say.

Wish me luck in my cooking endeavors for the new year (at least for Loverboy's sake.)


Anonymous said...

Haha what a cute post! I made way too many resolutions for 2011 and found myself not resolving many of them! This year I narrowed mine down to an attainable amount. I love that you want to learn to cook this year! I have never really enjoyed cooking until the past year and now I love it! Although I don't always have the time to.. when I do cook.. it is just so fun!

Also, that is so awesome that you are Body Pump certified! I have my ACE Group Fitness certification and use to teach classes at my college.. I have sense stopped due to my hectic teaching internships (I'm sure you know about those) and have a goal to just work out regularly for this year. I love taking Body Pump and am looking for a gym that offers it in my new town!

Sarah said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I'm hoping to stick to mine as well! I like the blogging about what means most and not just words to make up a post. I'm going to work on that, too!

That is so funny about the dinner...I'm pretty sure the same thing happened with me - I made something I thought was terrible but my bf said it was good & ate it. I think he was just being nice! I love the "fake it til ya make it!" I'm going to say that next time, haha :)

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