Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK...

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

... to have every intention of waking up extra early to workout, yet still set a second alarm knowing that you will never actually wake up at 5:00 AM before a full day of school. 

... to always grab two plastic forks when you go out to eat. You know... so just in case you drop your fork while eating your Chipotle salad, you don't have to get up.  

... to lay your clothes out the night before like you used to do in grade school. Hey, before the sunrise I'll take any shortcut I can get! 

... to cheer for the Terps from the couch.  Wish I could have been at the game last night, but screaming at the television set had to suffice. The players could probably hear me anyway, though.  #beatDUKE

... to unsecure (<--is that a word?) your tweets right before tweeting at a celebrity in hopes they retweet you. 

... to be unsure of a negative prefix for "secure." De-secure? Make un-private? Unlock?  Remove security? This is going to bug me.  

... if "retweet" is considered a word, I deem "unsecure" acceptable as well. 

... speaking of prefixes, it is totally OK to be over the moon ecstatic when, in the middle of a vocabulary lesson about affixes, a student discovers, "Hey, Ms. Y, I just can't believe prefix has a prefix! How weird is that." 
Just love it when my students pay attention to the lesson! 


stephanie said...

I ALWAYS grab two forks too! :)

Stephanie said...

I agree, unsecure should be a word. However, my spell check does not ;)

& I LOVE that you set 2 alarms. I always do the same because I know that I won't get up to do whatever additional thing I had planned before work. Too funny :)

Ashley said...

I attempt to lay my clothes out. I usually hate them when I wake up the next morning. So sad. I think that unsecure can be a word for the purpose of this post!

Hope your week has been fab girlie!!

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