Friday, January 20, 2012

Shoes with a Vengeance

A question I will never cease to ask myself is this: How can a shoe look so damn good, but hurt so bad? 

Meet my shoes with a vengeance:


I swear, last year when I went on a sparkly pump shopping spree, I did not intend to violently abuse my innocent feet.

I remember the day vividly.  It was just a few days before New Year's Eve and I dragged Loverboy to the mall in search for the perfect shoe to compliment my black sequin mini dress. After many strolls through nearly all the stores in Menlo Park, C and I were able to narrow the chaos that is Macy's shoe department down to two equally sparkly pairs of pumps. As with most minor crises in my life, I could not decide between the sexy silver peep toe pumps that would match my NYE dress perfectly, or the fabulous bronzed pumps that would not necessarily compliment my dress but would obviously be a weekend staple. Ugh. Shopping can be so stressful ...

As always, Loverboy came to the rescue. "Just get both." Before I could even react, he plucked the bronze shoe off my left foot and the silver shoe off my right foot and stomped over to the register. [He bought my shoes for me that day. Did I ever mention I love that boy?]

Well, I have worn the gold pair a total of two times. The first for a date during which I sat most of the time, and the second for a friend's birthday party that left my toe nail severely bruised and consequently six months of dark pedicures. 

The second pair I have worn three times.  The third time being last week in Atlantic City, and I am still suffering.
What did I do to these shoes the first two times that made them so furiously upset with me that they had to seek brutal vengeance against my feet? It has been 8 days since I wore them and I am still in pain. 

I guess I am also to blame, because I stay true to my motto that a lady never takes off her shoes. (In public, of course.) I wholeheartedly believe that the perfect pair of shoes completes an outfit; as soon as that shoe comes off on the dance floor, your outfit falls apart. Keep it classy, keep your shoes on ;) 

Like most of my beliefs, this one bit me in the butt last week as I am still donning Bandaids and cushiony socks to protect myself from the pain of evil shoes.  

Alas, the pain is dwindling and eventually my feet will be back to normal and I will have forgotten the abuse the beautiful four inches of sparkle avenged me with. It is far too easy for me to forgive a pair of pumps. I know I cannot be the only one.   


stephanie said...

hahaha hate when shoes try to kill me! :) those are super cute though!!!

Monica said...

OOh gosh I am the same way! And then months later I forgot why I haven't worn those heels in a while and torture myself all over again!

BF said...

Very cute, and yes the pretty ones always kill!

AmandaDF said...

Why is it that the cutest ones always hurt the most? I have a few pairs that I absolutely love but can never wear without wanting to cut off my feet about an hour after I slip them on :-(

I hope your feet are feeling better soon!

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