Friday, January 27, 2012

Arbitrary Friday Announcements

Yesterday, an unfortunately ill bird decided the entire hood of my car was a good place to get disgustingly sick. Apparently. 
It's days like this that I really miss living in the same town as Loverboy; he would have that car of mine shining like new in no time. 

In other news, it's Friday. The first of many long weeks of the semester was mildly boring at best, yet exhausting nonetheless. I am not especially looking forward to next week, when the work load piles itself upon my already busy schedule. However, tonight I plan on celebrating a very happy hour with my girlfriends to catch up on the life I've missed out on since Student Teaching began.  

Tomorrow, I have to drive back up to Jersey, but I'm not complaining.  I am going bridesmaids dress shopping with my future cousin, followed by dinner with C (fingers crossed) and C's sister's engagement party on Sunday. 

I've been driving the beau a little crazy the past two days with my indecisiveness and constant interrogating about his weekend plans  (consequently, mine). I annoy myself with how much I obsess over scheduling and minor details...I can only imagine how much I frustrate a boy as laid back as C. And you know what? He still likes me.  And I like that. 

Thanks boo xoxo 


Sarah said...

I am the SAME way. No joke. I like to know what's going on & be able to plan boyfriend would be just fine going with the flow & deciding things the day before they happen! I wish I could be like that but it drives me nuts. I have been nagging him about spring break's over a month away! Oh well, I guess we balance each other out :)

Brittany said...

I drive my boyfriend crazy with that, too. Every time I come up to visit I want to plan way ahead. And before I've even left I'm already planning our next visit.

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