Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Spirit

I find it completely disheartening that just as I am getting into the Christmas spirit, it seems Christmas is coming to a mockingly holly jolly end. Especially this year. Did anyone else feel that Christmas snuck (I actually think "sneaked" is more grammatically correct here, but I don't like the way it sounds. oh well) up entirely too quickly this time around?

Once I finally drove home, made my last mad dash to the mall, and finished making a gazillion cookies, I was spirited and ready to celebrate Christmas with everlasting vigor.  The spirit began on Christmas Eve eve, the day my cousin and his fiance invited all of the cousins over to celebrate "Festivus."  All nine of us celebrated Festivus in Billy's one room apartment, playing Just Dance on the wii, competing in (somewhat) friendly rounds of trivia, baking and decorating inappropriate holiday cookies, and of course, laughing with, and at the expense of, each other.

On Christmas Eve we reunited once again, this time at Aunt Georgia's to eat more than a healthy amount of food and exchange gifts.  As always, church followed with a music and candle light service that never ceases to truly prepare me for the beautiful celebration of Christmas.

My sister made us beautiful Christmas themed pretzels! How amazing does that wreath look?!
He loves me, I swear he really does.
More like it :) 
Christmas morning was lovely, of course. My immediate family exchanged gifts before our neighbors came over to exchange more gifts, before Loverboy came over to take me to his family's home for yet more gifts and an incredible dinner.
The face of a very happy, proud owner of a brand new iPhone.
You go Mama!  

I had an incredibly relaxing Christmas day, elated with the love and happiness exuded from those closest to me.  Now, it is New Year's Eve and I have more reflecting to do than leaves me time to write about.  I apologize for the lack of posts lately, my relaxation has taken precedence above all else, but know that I will be back after the new year with updates and pictures and hopefully, as I have resolved to accomplish for 2012, with much more creative writing. 

I hope you all had a merry, merry Christmas, and are anticipating a New Year abound with fun, gratification, and lots and lots of sparkle.

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