Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Haven't linked up with Jamie in a while ... thought I'd share with you guys what I'm loving this Wednesday. 

I'm Loving...
... that the "Hunger Games" is coming out with a line of nail polish
 I can't imagine Katniss Everdeen had manicured nails, but if she did I would want mine to look exactly the same.  
... that the oh so sweet Kristen @ Joyful Ramblings hosted a blog giveaway...and I WON!! I can't wait to receive the vera bradley apron and recipe box she is so generously sending me! Thanks again Kristen xo 


... my sixth graders. They could make me laugh for days.  This week I received a letter from one of my boys telling me about his experience as a sixth grader thus far.  One of my favorite highlights from the letter:
 "I have had a longgg journey pre-k to 5th.  Here I am in sixth grade, struggling to make it to seventh grade."
Sorry you've had it so tough in your eleven years, kiddo. Gotta love it.  

... my Yellow Roomers.  No one can argue that they are the damned cutest kids in this world. One of my little ones requested I call her "Princess Popsicle" from now on. Because she "loves popsicles and cupcakes and cake," and why not? 
...BodyPump80 was just released and is currently in my possession! I finally mastered 79, now I need to memorize 80 to start teaching in January .. woot woot
Hoping to look like this one day? Maybe? Please?

... that there are only two more days until I return to NJ to see this boy 

and that in two days I will officially be in NJ for all of Thanksgiving week.  Now that is something to be thankful for.  


Allison said...

I love the manicure line! Geeze, I really need to read The Hunger Games! Hope you have a great week at home!

Holly said...

LOL! That letter from your student is hilarious!!

Tami said...

Love The Hunger Games nail polish. That's amazing that you teach Body Pump. It's the best workout (not that I would know recently...)

Vanessa said...

Hunger Games line of nail polish?! Pretty sure I will need some of those in my life. They are so pretty!

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