Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Truth be told, I am a very sentimental person. I cherish traditions incredibly, and for this reason I think Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays.  Traditions are strong in my family; we eat the same food, go to the same house, even play the same games simply because "we did it last year."

My favorite is absolutely one that my mother introduced quite a few years ago at our farm house (the traditional Thanksgiving locale prior to my grandfather getting sick.)  She pulled out a white table cloth for dinner that afternoon, and told us by the end of dessert we all had to write down one thing we are thankful for, sign it, and put the year.  
I was thankful for "my family and electricity" in 1998 (age 8)
My sister was apparently thankful for "The Pilgrims" in 1998 (age 6) 
"Never stand under the stars and complain about the lack of bright moments in your life"- Aunt Kimberly 2001
"I am thankful for my wonderful family,...for all the fun we have on Thanksgiving! Also, when the kids play outside and don't bother the adults." -Aunt Kathy 2001
PS- She wrote "I look forward to seeing what Maggie writes next year!" This is the year I wrote I was thankful that "my dad was on a diet so he didn't eat all the food." Sorry Dad!
In 2010 I guess we grew up a little bit... Kaylynn said she was thankful our oldest cousin finally stopped picking on her. (age 14)
C was thankful for his health last year, as was I :) 
Maybe this year I'll be thankful that Steven is still in school. Apparently he can't count .. Hey Steve, last year was 2010. 
Today the table cloth has multiplied and we now have two cloths and a runner bearing our blessings and thanks from every year etched forever in permanent marker. No one ever grumbles or groans anymore when Mom sets out the fabric markers during dessert, because reading our "I am Thankful for's" the following year is something we look forward to perpetually.  

I hate thinking about the fact that we are all growing older, Billy is engaged to be married, three of us are in college preparing for the rest of our lives, and holidays are beginning to change a little bit as our family grows and extends. Even if things can't stay the same, if not all twenty of us can come to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner, if we can't all fit in the kitchen to play Scattergories after dessert, at least we have our memories and this tradition to carry on no matter where we are during the holidays.  

There are countless things that I am thankful for, but believe it or not, I still haven't come up with something to write down on this year's table cloth.  It has been an interesting year (to say the least) and with so many blessings (although sometimes in disguise) it is hard to just pick one thing to encompass my thanks for an entire year.  I am thankful for the support my parents give me in everything I do, for my boyfriend who motivates me to be a better person, for my girlfriends who never cease to make me laugh even on the worst of days, for the opportunity to student teach and excel in my passion for education, for my bed at the end of an exhausting day, for my computer with which I can write and blog, and for so many more blessings I can't even put into words.  I'll be sure to report back with what I decide to write in permanent marker to remember for years to come...
Maybe this year I'll revert back to my thanks in 1999 (age 9) - "I am thankful for everything I have..." 

What are you thankful for this year?


Monica said...

That is a fantastic idea!! I love traditions, they make everything just so much better :)

Ashley said...

I love this idea, Magg!! So cute. I also love your gratitude for electricity :) Haha!

Miranda said...

what a sweet idea! i may have to start this when my son can start to write :)

Laura Darling said...

This is such a neat tradition! I'd love to be able to look back on every year like that! So cool!

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