Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Discipline in the Eyes of a Catholic School Student

Every night before I get ready for bed I call my boyfriend, and every night he asks me how school was that day and I always give him every last detail. It's always more information than he cares to know, and usually I just get grunts and "uh-huhs" in response. But ever since I started 6th grade I get a little more response.

"I'm tired of hearing about this new school education crap. Go old school Catholic school teacher on them. I swear I thought for the longest time nuns really did have eyes in the back of their head. Act like a nun."

-Sorry you had no fun in grammar school, but us public school kids actually liked the majority of our Elementary school teachers and I want to be one of the likeable ones.

"No, be a bad ass Magg. Just because you're cute doesn't mean you have to be nice. If you need lessons on being a bad ass, let me know."

-Ha! Ok I'll let you know if I need teaching lessons from you, my boyfriend who last week got in a fight with a 10 year old on the Dining Hall lunch line.

"Give them more homework. And tell them it's GRADED. Yeah! Grade their damn homework. them POP QUIZZES. Kids f*%$#*n hate pop quizzes!!!! Show 'em your tough Magg, show em who's boss. "

These conversations usually always end in giggle fits on my end of the phone. But don't get me wrong, because I always go to him for advice because I seriously value it. And actually, after today's school day I decided I think I might just grow a pair of eyes in the back of my head.

I love love love my kids, but I don't want to cross that faint line between friend and teacher. Right now the distinction is blurred for some students, which I think is fine, because I believe a teacher can be a confidant. But not necessarily the type of confidant you would consider a peer. 

For days like today that are just a little bit too rowdy, I'll be Sister Margaret. Thanks for the advice, C.

Love this picture of C and my little cousin.
Kids really love him, especially my cousins - can you tell the feeling is mutual? 

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