Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fear of the Assigned

What once was my best friend has transformed into my most feared enemy.

I have always been obsessed with list making and scheduling. Subsequently, I became obsessed with seeking out the perfect agenda year after year.

This year, I settled on the perfect little black (agenda) book in which I wrote 
assignment due dates, upcoming tests, scheduled work-outs, time frames for laundry days, birthdays, phone numbers, grocery lists... you get the point.

As of recently, however, I have been terrified to even open that little black book of mine. The once half-filled, neatly color coded pages are now cluttered sheets of ceaseless assignments and looming due dates in permanent black ink. 
I'm afraid that if I open my planner, a new assignment will surge off of the paper to be the final assault in my student teaching demise.  
I know I can't possibly be the only one living in fear of the assigned. Right?!

There are only two short weeks left of method assignment stress and project due dates before winter break.  With the grace of God and Caffeine on my side, I will persevere and make it out of these last two weeks alive.  

Who's with me? 


Sarah said...

AMEN! Everything is jumping out at me too! I am afraid that I have forgotten about an assignment that has been assigned since the beginning of the semester, but at the time I thought "oh, that's not due for forever..." and I leave it til the end of the semester! AH! Good luck! :)

-Crystal said...

Glad I found your cute blog! I look forward to getting to know you,friend! Good luck the next 2 weeks! you've got this!

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