Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hit the Ground Running...Literally

I think I have too much on my plate. 
Yesterday was one of those days I had very little time to breathe let alone slow down.  After the school day, I had almost a half hour to shovel food in my bag and run a quick errand before a mandatory intern meeting at a further Elementary School.  I had to sneak out of the meeting early to speed back to campus to teach the a much anticipated BODYPUMP launch to our students/faculty. 
After almost an hour and a half of pump, I changed (inefficiently, with matted hair and leggings turned inside-out) to go cross campus to an Education Association meeting.  

I was literally running through a parking lot in my dress and teacher bag when my patent leather flat got caught on a curb. I not so gracefully fell. Hard.  My right foot/ankle skid across the gravel as my left knee hit the ground.  Thank goodness something was in front of me to catch my upper-body from slamming into the black top: a dark blue Honda Accord.  

Yes, I hit a parked car. I smacked the front of that sedan so hard it made a noise that had to have echoed across the parking lot.  I bet the girl unlocking the car next to the one I unintentionally hit had a good laugh on her drive home. I'm probably a trending topic on Twitter by now.  #thatawkwardmomentwhen #somegirlrunsintosaparkedcar #hahahaha

Lesson learned: I think I need to slow down...hit the brakes a little bit. (No pun intended.)


stephanie said...

ohmygosh I am laughing so hard. that is hysterical! glad you're ok though!!

Ashley said...

Don't worry, I fall all the time. I'm literally always tripping or falling or both. I can't even tell you how many times I've fallen on front of people...alot of in between classes. It sucks but I am glad you are ok! Take time and slow down..

I should take my own advice!

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