Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interviewing, and Losing My Mind.

In lieu of teaching today, I am attending a career fair at which I will interview for three teaching positions. 
Honestly, I do not wish to teach at any of the districts represented at the expo (where the Jersey schools at?!) However, I think this will be good practice in marketing myself and preparing for interview questions.
Even if I know that there's a slim chance I will actually move to Houston, TX or Alexandria, VA (hey, you never know) I'm still going a little crazy trying to perfect every last detail to make myself the most marketable candidate I can be.  

Wish me luck! 


Sarah said...

Good luck!! Interviews always make me really nervous. Sidenote: I love Alexandria!!

Olga said...

Good luck! I'm trying to find an internship and have had no luck!

Ashley said...

Good Luck girl! I know you will do great!

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