Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Monday

A collection of brief letters intended to summarize my wonderful weekend ;)

You came entirely too soon.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the perfect compilation of weekend and I was not prepared for your return quite this early.  

Dear Loverboy,
Thank you for coming down MD to visit with me for the weekend. Thank you for making, and cleaning up, breakfast. Thank you for paying for everything when I lost my debit card. Thank you for driving us home from Baltimore at 3AM.  Thank you for continuing to come back to College Park even after you've had two incidents resulting in having to call the police. (At least you still have your license plates this time...) I hope you had as much fun as I did - only three more weeks until our reunion in Jersey! I love you, I love you, I love you.

PS Loverboy,
You were really cute learning how to pick a crab. Not only was it comical to watch, but it made me happy to see you bonding with the Maryland fam :)

Dear Business School Student,
How many morals do you lack that you would think it was okay to smash into someone's car in the parking lot and drive away?  You are the second reason C has had to get work done on his car after being parked on campus. You give female MD drivers a bad name, shame on you.  

Dear Sweet Samaritan,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for copying down the license plate number of the girl who hit C's car and continued driving. The note we found on his windshield when we got to the car hours later truly was a gift! Your sweet actions were immeasurably helpful, and I only hope that there is lots of good karma coming your way.  There need to be more good citizens in this world like you. 

Dear Congress,
I understand it is still up in the air whether we are nationally celebrating the birth of George Washington on this third Monday of February or if we are celebrating our nation's Presidents in general, either way I am thankful for this holiday. 

Happy Presidents Day!
or is it President's Day?
..or President's Day?
Sometimes holidays drive me up a Grammar wall. 


megan said...

Yay! So glad you linked up your little letters this week! And what the heck with bad car smashing drivers?! Sucks. But at least it looks like you got pancakes out of the weekend! Happy new week!

Sar said...

Oh my gosh! So lucky that somebody witnessed it and decided to write it down for you guys! Terrifying, but luckily there are still good people out in the world!

What happened last time he had to call the police?! Crazy (and yet awesome story I bet)!

Ashley said...

Glad you got to reunite with lover boy this weekend and enjoy some relaxing with him! Sorry that someone hit your car, but thank goodness for good people! I hope you get them and make them pay!

Ashley said...

Just posted a letter post without seeing this... whoops! Great minds think alike? Ps. the third graders learned about President's Day on Friday. Apparently today is celebrating the birth of both George AND Abe. Who knew?

Ashley said...

Pss. I just found out it Presidents' Day. According to my calendar, anyway :)

meghan said...

You two are presh! And I hope that person who wrote down the license plate has something wonderful coming to them. How sweet and thoughtful to look out for you two!

Keep Shining,

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