Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word of the Day Wednesday

There are some unavoidable words that come up in the sixth grade curriculum that guarantee giggles and sly smirks.  And expectedly so.  For instance, I dreaded the lesson when students had to decipher the meaning of their vocabulary word "dictate" using prior knowledge. 

Ms. Y: "Think about where you have seen this prefix before" *underlines dict*
Ms. Thang: "You mean DIC??"
Ms. Y: (as casually as possible) Dict, as in dictionary, dictator, diction.
Class: Erupts in laughter. 

Or how about in a Shakespeare poem when the word "breast" has to be changed to "chest" to appease the awkwardness overwhelming the sixth grade atmosphere.  
(I can also hear my boyfriend laughing from here.)

One word that I never thought I would have to avoid?

Seriously,the word was read, and giggles ensued instantaneously. 

Really? Is there another connotation of which I am unaware? 
Gotta love the sixth grade. 


bailey j said...

Hahah. Its funny and annoying all at the same time. In 7th grade I had a teacher who, when saying "six", sounded like he was saying "sex". It was a zoo on the days where we had to go to page 66.

Monica said...

Oddly enough the word doily makes me giggle a little too and I have no clue why.

lauren said...

i'm with ya girlfriend....did you ever realize that the word "version" really sounds a lot like virgin? my 5th graders made sure to repeatedly bring that to my attention.

Olga said...

HAhaha that's so funny! 6th grade is a weird stage I guess :)

Miranda said...

doily? i mean it sounds like a funny word but i don't know what else it could mean?! kids are funny...and weird :) ...i praise you for teaching...i could never do it!

stephanie said...

doily? I'm apparently not up to date on teenage slang!

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