Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Happiness

Two great things happened this weekend. 

1. My Blackberry died. Which is a good thing, because then I picked up this beauty:
Consequently, I spent all Friday and Saturday instagraming everything I came in contact with, as well as playing enough Words with, Scramble with, and Hanging with Friends games to leave me with a visually impairing headache right between my eyes.  

2. My Giants won the Super Bowl. (Just in case you were living under a rock and didn't already know.) 
To make the win even more memorable, the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl (against the Patriots I might add) was my senior year of high school. Now I have two Super Bowl celebrations for each of my senior years. Pretty cool, huh? 

Happy, happy Monday! 

PS: Is anyone else having a hard time wiping the grin off their face after this weekend?!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you like your iPhone so much! I was the same way when I first got mine! It's the honeymoon stage. :) Have a great day!

Kristen said...

Welcome to the iPhone club! You'll love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay iPhones!! =) While I am impartial to either team (Go Seahawks!), I was rooting for the Giants solely because I cannot stand Tom Brady. So glad for the win!

Shine On

Cara said...

My BB died last week too....onto the iPhone, I am obsessed!

Sarah said...

Going from a Blackberry to an iPhone is heavenly. You'll love it! I watched the Super Bowl and was actually rooting for the Giants! I don't really have any ties to them, but Tom Brady sort of annoys me, haha. I was happy for the comeback win!

stephanie said...

I am obsessed with my iPhone... you will learn to love it even more!

Ashley said...

I was literally cringing at the end of the game. My dislike for Tom Brady is unhealthy and I love those Mannings so I had to cheer for the giants! So glad they won!

I got my iphone two weeks ago and I can't stop using it. It's an obsession I probably don't need right now for sure!

Recently Roached said...

The name of your blog is adorable! As a freelance editor, it speaks to my grammatically correct heart :)

I'm glad your team won! I barely knew who was playing :)

Miranda said...

i wish I could have a blackberry & and iphone! love words with and scramble with friends...if you ever wanna play my name is mlco33...the more the merrier :)

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