Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Fever

If it wasn't already confirmed, my wedding has officially taken me victim this past weekend.  On Saturday I went bridesmaid dress shopping with the rest of the bridal party for my cousin's upcoming August wedding.
Seeing all the possibilities for color schemes, dress styles, shoe option, etc., made me want to plan my own wedding...badly. 

A glimpse into my wedding future perhaps? Thank you pinterest for fueling the fire to my wedding planning disease:
Fact: Calla lilies  will be at my wedding. 
Fact: Sparklers will be necessary for the required sparkle factor on my wedding day.

As if bridesmaid shopping wasn't enough, I went to an engagement party on Saturday afternoon. C's sister is engaged to marry the man whom makes her happier than I have ever seen her in the six years I have known her. We were surrounded by a room full of elegant black and white damask detail and close family and friends who were equally as happy to see these two together. How could you not catch the fever?

The future Bride and Groom <3 
It's not even that I want to get married as much as I just want to have a really big party.  Since the day my Sweet 16 ended I've been brainstorming the ultimate reception. (ha.) Maybe I should just go into wedding planning... maybe that is the "prescription" C keeps telling me to get to cure this "fever."


stephanie said...

I've been married for years and I still love looking at wedding ideas on pinterest! I tell the hubs it's for when I marry my next husband ;)

Ashley said...

I support this message.

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