Thursday, July 14, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I had an exhausting morning. After a 7:00am spin class, a swift jog to work (running late as usual,) a walking field trip to the Creek with seventeen 5 and 6 year olds, I felt depleted.. dizzy.. empty.. pooped. 

Likewise, my roommates had rough starts to their days. Jill is struggling through a nasty cold-like infection, Sarah is stressing over the GRE's, and Lauren, well, Lauren is in baby heaven watching her infant cousin all day in DC...I already regret including her in this post of woes. 

Any who. Any casual matters we were brooding over at the beginning of the day were quickly erased with impromptu girl talk in the living room - rightly so, most of our extempore hangout sessions occur on the cushions of our tiny couch. It's simple and homey and I don't mind putting my feet on it.

We laughed for an hour straight. My abs were sore when I woke up this morning and now they are simply in pain from being over-worked. These girls had me laughing so hard that I achieved my ever-famous laugh-turned-hysterical-sobs bit. 

We laughed about Jill's lime-buying compulsion. She never leaves the grocery store with just a single lime. No, she needs 12. Because everyone needs at least one whole lime per day, and if we're being realistic, at least two whole limes when we're drinking. But there are only four of us living in this aparty-ment so if my math is correct this still leaves an excess of limes.  So if you ever feel you are in need of a lime, come over to our place. Except not tonight. Tonight we had to throw out the 9 rotten limes no one used from the last grocery trip.  By Sunday Jill will bring home another dozen limes. I seriously love that girl so much. 

We reflected on our freshman year and laughed at our freshman selves, certainly not for the first time. 
- Remember how exciting it was to pick out our Bed Bath and Beyond comforters?
- Why did Sarah put up with a measly cot for an entire year when Jill slept next to her in the lap of luxury in her down-adorned bed of clouds?
- Why did Turtle ever close? We never made complete fools out of ourselves there. Or anything ridiculously dangerous. Never. Not once. 
- How awkward were we trying to get to know each other the first week of the rest of our lives? If only we knew how close we would become. 

We laughed at my endless Summer camp stories.

Lil Genius *looking up to no-good* whispers:  "I know what NAKED means."
I ignored him.
 He laughs uncontrollably. 

We laughed at Lauren and Jill's Chevy coworkers and their comedic bitterness.

We laughed at the new home for our cooking oil: wedged between the wall and the refrigerator. Because Jill thought it was nice there. And because why not?

I am now in high-spirits, Jill is feeling healthy, Sarah had a well-deserved study break and Lauren has more fuel to make her happy. Whoever said Laughter is the best medicine couldn't be more right. 

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