Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Randomness

"Jason's Sub Shop" on East West Highway is subtitled "Chinese Restaurant." Confusing and intriguing all at the same time.


You know those people who just have to get the last word in no matter what? I hate them. What's even worse is the texting-version of last-worders. Take this example:

A contact texted me a question about an event on Monday. 
I promptly responded with an answer and coincidentally another question.
This person replied with a quick "Thank u!" and an appropriate answer. 
I politely gave my thanks, and put my phone away.
30 seconds later, my phone buzzes with the words "Yep." 

Yep?? Really? Save your fingers from the carpal tunnel and just leave it at that. 
Please just don't send me one word texts in general. It's annoying and unnecessary.


I just realized how impossibly terrible my posture is when I sit at the computer. I need to be more conscious of my body in general before I start looking like a hunch-backed slob. 


A love/hate relationship exists between my favorite silver hoops from Nordstrom. I LOVE them because they are the perfect size. I have yet to find another pair with the precise circumference to thinness ratio. I HATE them because they always break; I am already on my third pair. Thank gosh Nordstrom has such a great return/exchange policy. 


Today's work week was only 4 days long but it felt twice as long as last week. What's up with that? 


If you were to translate this post into simile form:
Maggie is like an LFO Song: nonsensical ramblings in lyrical structure. 

I'll steal yo honey like I stole yo bike.  

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