Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purple Room Fun Facts

My students are a lot like Snapple Caps; they hold a lot of information for their kindergarten-sized containers, but it's hard to say which info they spew is phenomenally true and which is indubitably false. 

My students are clever. They are talkative. They are certainly intelligent. And nothing makes them beam more than making a teacher interested in something they have to say. With that being said, they often vie for my attention with countering their peers' stories. 

Luckily for them, nothing makes me happier than absorbing their lessons (fictitious or not.) 

Today, lunch time: 
B*: Did you know what Pope Benedict's favorite drink is?
Me: Um, no, I don't.
B: It's Fanta. He loves Fanta. It's like Orange Juice but way better.

Yesterday, Morning meeting:
Me: What can you tell me about WATER?
Lil Genius: It can go in your lungs and then you will suffocate and die. I won't go in the pool you can't make me.
Me: Huh... fair enough. 

Monday, Pool time:
Diva: Do you know I can jump so high?
Me: No way.
Diva: Uh-huh. One time I was in Florida and I jumped in the pool so high I scratched a bird.
Me: Wow. I bet you jump really high Ms. Diva.
Diva: Yep.  I kept it's feather. 
Me: You're so silly! Are you telling me truth or telling me a story?
Diva: It's true!! You don't believe me? Ask my cousin. He told me to keep it for my collection. So I did. But I asked him to hold it for me first because I needed to pet my neighbor's dolphin. They have a dolphin in their house. 
Me: Ok. 

Don't tell me it's an easy job distinguishing the honesty from the farce. It certainly is not. 
Some days I leave the CYC feeling more like a student than a teacher. I learn a lot from these kids, even if it's just a refresher course in using my imagination. 

*Once again I have changed names to protect the wit and intelligence, and ultimate identity of my Purple Roomers. 

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