Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Review Monday - Love and Other Drugs

I was going to entitle this post "Weekend Recap" but then I reconsidered. My weekend was boring and uneventful (other than my emergency trip to the Patient First Clinic to be put on antibiotics for an ailment I won't allow myself to share on Blogger.)

I babysat twice. I laid in bed. I was filled in on Emily's birthday celebrations of which I did not attend. I sulked. I prescribed myself some retail therapy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

The movie I rented from my trusty 7/11 Redbox was the romantic comedy "Love and Other Drugs" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.  Jake Gyllenhall was dreamy. So so dreamy. I fell in love with his dimple and his chisled bod, but his acting - eh... your typical rom-com hunk of an actor.  Anne Hathaway was great. Boy did she grow up since "Princess Diaries." I loved that she wasn't the typical blonde actress usually seen in romantic comedies. I also loved that her character's name was Maggie.  What I didn't love was that the script did not leave a single scene out where someone marveled, stared, or mentioned her breasts. I didn't notice them ... Why did they have to play up an asset that she (in my opinion) is less than famous for? 

Maggie is a snarky artist with early onset Parkinsons. She is not dying, just slowly deteriorating with the only visible symptoms a hand tremor when she becomes nervous.  

Jaime (Gyllenhaal) makes her his catch of the week after coming in unexpected view of her naked boob. To fulfill his predator reputation, he chases her until she accepts his courting. The agreement is that their relationship is purely sex. No feelings, no dating, just sex.

And so it works for the first week. Then of course they eat Chinese food on a couch in a dimly lit living room and fall madly, irrevocably in love because that's how it happens. Eat Lo Mein out of a cardboard box with a sexy man and he will devote himself to your every breath. Thank you Hollywood. 

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the movie. But I like rom-coms. If you don't, don't waste your $1.06. 
Or do, because the actors are beautiful and easy on the eyes.  It's painfully predictable and mildly funny with a cast to please any female viewer and a plot line sappy enough to leave these same viewers in tears.  I'll admit I cried for the last ten minutes. And then I called my loverboy to tell him I loved him and I want to eat Chinese food with him... I'm pathetic. 

Also, if I could live in one store for the rest of my life it would be Nordstrom. 

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