Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

The Fourth of July might seriously be my favorite holiday of the year. Aside from the obvious (sparkles in the sky, parties with family and friends, cheesy festive outfits) here's why: 

Today my calves are sore from literally running up the inclines that lead all the way to the tippy-top of the home of Terrapin Football: Byrd Stadium. 

I've had a stomachache all day, probably due to an overdose of grilled food (sausages, onions and peppers, burgers, etc.) and the war the American (Bud Light) and Mexican (Corona Extra) beers are battling inside me currently. 

My body felt uncomfortably restricted by the boundaries of real clothes.  Since Friday I woke up every morning and put on a bathing suit. The first weekend in July is the perfect excuse to leave pants behind. 

Looks like hours in the sun can really take a toll on you physically. And not in the good bronzed-skin kind of way, more like the I-can-barely-keep-my-eyelids-open long enough to finish this post kind of way. I knew I was exhausted this morning when I couldn't wake up for my favorite 7am spin class and I impatiently snapped at a few of my students mid-afternoon. Sincerest apologies from Ms. Yelencsics. 

The morning of the Fourth of July I thought I wasn't going to make it to celebrate my favorite holiday.

I almost surrendered the Fourth of July to hardcore celebrations of the First, Second, and Third of July. In this way the Third of July is comparable to Cinco De Mayo: It's simply an excuse for Americans to drink more beer with no significant reasoning, with consequences felt on the following day. The only difference? The Fourth of July holds importance that the Sixth of May does not. 

Thankfully, an excited Jillie pulled through and got me back in the pool-going, parking-lot-grilling, adventure-seeking spirit. Phew. 

I spent the afternoon napping at the pool, tailgating in Lot 1 for the College Park fireworks (which, btw, were the best best best fireworks I ever did see) and eventually sneaking into the football stadium to cross one more thing off my Bucket List: Climb to the top of Byrd Stadium after dark.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I was terrified. But we succeeded.  After climbing two fences, hurdling a bike rack and running for what seemed like years, we made it to the top... only to be met by flashlight-bearing Police Officers demanding we "Sneak right back on out whatever way we snuck on in." 

Sarah mesmerized by the BYRD's eye view
Whatever, it was.so.worth.it. Not only were we close enough to the fantastic show on campus to feel our hearts beating with every explosion, we were also able to see fireworks from Downtown DC and Greenbelt.  It was magical. Despite the terror I felt being confronted by two big police officers (I'm such a baby), the soreness my body aches with, and the overwhelming exhaustion, I wish I could relive this weekend over and over again.

Mark my words: July 4th 2012 will be conducted with greater than or equal to as much beer, possibly less desserts, and another trespassing attempt to enjoy the best firework spectacular and thrill of my life. 

Oh, and I love my friends. and America. God Bless us all. 

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