Monday, December 19, 2011

Why do today...

... what you can put off until tomorrow? (Or something else entirely. But let's just go with that.) 

Yesterday I was supposed to finish all my Christmas shopping. Instead, I bought super sparkly underwear from VS, for myself. The PINK line has gone absolutely sequin insane and I love it. My first thought when I saw the glittery undies was, "this is awesome." My second thought, "that might actually be border-line uncomfortable.

But then I came to my senses and decided the glitter/sequins would probably gradually flake off in the drawer/dryer.
HOPEFULLY! Because then everything else these beauties come in contact with will be just a little bit shimmery and glitzy by association. I think we have ourselves a win-win situation.{I have yet to wash or wear my new undergarments, but once I do I will write an immaculately classy and ladylike post. Just do not ask for pictures because pictures of my underwear on the internet just sounds like a bad idea.}

Also, today I was supposed to finish unpacking my car which I haven't completed in the three days that it has been parked in front of my house.  However, C called me on his way home from his last exam with hunger raging, so I opted to go with him for a Chipotle date...  turned fashion show... turned trip to the tailor ... turned two hour gym session.  Oh and before he put on his denim fashion show for me, let me just say that we unloaded his car of all its belongings.  Something isn't right here.  

BUT I did have a fantastic day with my loverboy, and tomorrow is another day, right? Tomorrow I shall unpack my bags and clean and finish all the shopping I have put off until five days before Christmas.  Or something else... who knows. 


Nichole said...

Seems like we are havin the same exact problem .ive been home for 5 days an have yet to unpack. There's always tomorrow though(I may have said that every night since I've been home)!

Monica said...

I've been putting things off till tomorrow for the last week, sometimes you just need to!

Joanna K. said...

Just found your blog!!
Love it and following!!
I'd love it if you check out mine nd tell me your opinion!!

Fash Boulevard said...

thanks for sharing, love. i hope you and your family had a truly wonderful weekend. xo

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