Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Delirium

My favorite day of the week has come upon us again. 
I had a well-deserved weekend of fun with friends, celebrating two birthdays and spreading lots of holiday cheer a la themed party.  ;o) 

Oh yeah and I also worked on my last two assignments of the semester! Ahh! I can't wait until tonight when I can finally say I completed all my work until January. 

For now, I shall take a homework break and sip on some green tea whilst trying to avoid the end-of-semester induced, yet holiday-influenced, delirium that hit me hard yesterday. Proof: 

I guess I was overdue for a break. 

...And now it's back to work.   
Happy Sunday, love bugs! 

1 comment:

Miranda said...

haha nice pictures! :)

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