Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Wednesday of Pinteresting Proportions.

Pinterest is an addiction like no other I have experienced. It has girls and women of all ages trapping themselves in a time warp of crafts, sparkles and baked goods. When pinning, seconds equate to minutes, minutes instantly turn into hours. I don't know what sort of magical spell the creators of this virtual board have put on the world, but whatever it is, I don't hate it.

I've been a member of Pinterest for quite awhile, but just since the beginning of the semester have I actually taken my pinning seriously thanks to my pin-happy friends, Ashley, Lauren and Kristen.

What better way to spend my Wednesday morning than participate in my first Pinteresting link up?

With the holidays coming up, I thought I'd share some of my Pinterest-inspired holiday wish list. (I don't know how to properly cite these images, but let me just say that they all come from my own board entitled "Someone tell my Boyfriend." hint hint, Christopher ;) )

I would die. 

I LOVE wrap bracelets, and watches. Perfection. 

I die. 

Another iPhone case. BUT this one is ALSO a wristlet. And in my favorite gold signature Michael Kors color. Could life get any better? Well I guess it could, if I had an iPhone first. Pretty please, Santa? 

Yes, I think I need this. 

Anyone else have everything sparkly under the sun on their wish list? 


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