Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I learned in Preschool...

Although I am embarrassingly depressed over the fact that my part-time job at the CYC has come to a heartbreaking end, I must reflect upon the many life lessons I learned while working with a school full of three and four year old children.
 Take notes:

... Any problem can be solved with a "I don't like when you _______ because I feel _______"  statement and a hug. 
... 'Brussels Sprouts' is a place, not a food, ie, "I am moving to Brussels Sprouts. They have good chocolate there."
... Hamsters bite. 
... And can squeeze their furry little bodies under door cracks. Subsequently, they can also survive a nine-day game of hide-and-seek. 
... Crossing the monkey bars completely and without assistance is a right of passage. 
... I am now fluent in Sign Language for every animal on the farm. 
... "Feliz Navidad" actually sounds better when you don't know the real lyrics.  "Police Na Na Na" is equally, if not more, heartwarming. 
... Sushi now comes in lunch boxes. And kids enjoy it. Who knew?
... If a five-minute warning is not given before a transition, no one is expected to move or change. It's only fair. 
... I will have to name my future classroom. 
How will I ever address the entire class without yelling "Yellow Rooooom. Yellow Roooooom, FIVE MORE MIIIINUTESSSSS"? Also, how will anyone ever know who I am talking about without a formal title like "Yellow Roomers?" 
... Pope Benedict's favorite drink is allegedly Orange Fanta.  
Alas, the things I learned from the preschoolers will endure, even if my job did not.

            Ms. Alensis 


Sarah said...

Hahaha, this is the cutest post ever. The Feliz Navidad one cracked me up!! I absolutely love our preschoolers. They are so fun! Sorry that your job is over, but hopefully you'll find yourself back in a classroom before you know it!

Ashley said...

This makes me miss CYC already-- and you! CP misses you. Hope you're loving being home, lady! xoxo

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