Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Happiness is...

...sand in your toes and a sunburn on your nose." 

Do you know what my absolute favorite part of summer time is?
The way the moments just before the sun begins to set begin to cool the sand and calm the sea. The romantic backdrop of a pink-orange sky and the way it warms you no matter how chilly the evening breeze may be. The beach at sunset is definitely my favorite thing about summer.

Just ask Chris, he claims I told him this fact about me twelve times over a span of four days. I say he's exaggerating, but probably not by much. All four days spent in Cape May I got to savor my favorite summertime feeling because he let me swoon over the beach at sunset no matter what the rest of the night's plans entailed. For four evenings straight my toes were cold and I was happy.

Before we even got ourselves settled on Beach Avenue, C and I were on the beach cruisers scheming ways to avoid our departure 3 nights later.  There is an ever-present peaceful sort of excitement in a beach town that makes you never want to leave its simplicity. We rode into town, did some window shopping and ate a nice outdoor dinner.  
Coca Cola Display at the NutHouse

The store made just for me: 'Glitter Girl'
Friday's breakfast was a home-cooked joint effort. I made the pancake batter, set the table, prepped the eggs, while C flipped and scrambled. He even helped clean up. Reason #48 I am in love with this boy. 
The rest of the day was spent bronzing on the beach before going out to dinner (where we got our picture taken for the local magazine, yes we are now local celebrities) and walking the boards of a deserted Wildwood (where both of us were graced with the droppings of a single seriously ill Seagull.)

Special shout-out thanks to Aunt Doe & co. who treated us to a delicious breakfast at Uncle Bill's famous Pancake House on Saturday morning.  What a coincidence to be in CM the same day!
Saturday night included some experimentation. Sangria Slurpees were blended and enjoyed on the front deck to the sweet sounds of Bruce Springsteen Radio on Pandora. (Our Slurpee concoction will not be released to 7/11 just yet, some recipe adjustments are still to be made.)

Sunday came entirely too fast. We did our best to make the day last as long as possible, but the inevitable snuck up on us like we knew it would. With a long goodbye to the ocean at Sunset Beach, we set off in the White Knight headed north on the Parkway - coincidentally my least favorite place to be in the summer.

Can't wait until our next trip. For now I am thankful for the memories - and my front porch with which I can substitute the sand. Right now on my white rocking chair I write this post, smelling the sweet scent of approaching summer rain and it's not so bad to be at home.  

**Special thanks to Christopher for making this weekend so special for me. This was a birthday present to definitely remember forever xo Love you 

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