Sunday, June 5, 2011

Celebrations, continued.

Four days later, and I'm still celebrating my birthday. Gotta love it. 

A mid-birthday-week recap:

I woke up early this morning to walk to my TRX class (such a good class, btw) and then I jogged home. I love the challenge of TRX and it felt so good to get that extra fresh air before and after the resistance workout.  


Jessica, Diana and Bridget picked me up early afternoon to check out the Greek Festival in Westfield.
We were asked once if we were Greek, with which Diana and I (the only blonde girls in the entire venue) hesitantly replied "no,"  and more than once we were corrected on our mispronunciation of Greek cuisine. GreekFest was otherwise uneventful. Whatever, the baklava was worth it. 


Family came over later for a backyard cook-out and birthday cake. Birthday presents, cold beer, grilled veggies, and family banter made for an awesome evening. I love my birthday simply because I have an excuse to get my family together and laugh until our stomachs hurt. The cake and presents are just an added bonus ;) 
Dad on his brand-new grill! 

Cookie Cake and Funfetti Cake ... de-lish. 

I probably sound like a broken record...but I am so thankful for the friends and family that celebrate with me on my birthday, and everyday. And just so you all know, after this week you won't have to read any more birthday-related posts (as per tradition my bday will be a week-long celebration) but I will continue to try to wake up every morning to "start each day like it's my birthday!" because quite frankly, I think we all deserve it. 


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