Monday, June 6, 2011

With Age Comes Wisdom

I learned a lot this first week of June. For instance, did you know the most effective way to peel kiwi is via peeler as if you were peeling potatoes? I made a delicious kiwi-banana smoothie after my workout and Momma taught me to use the peeler instead of my dangerous knife/fingernail combination method I previously used. Genius. 

I learned the trick to de-pit an avocado mess-free.  

Through trial and error I learned the DMV is closed on Mondays, and I am irked. 

In a round of family Question and Answers on the back deck, I learned that:
-the Creighton girls used to attend Christmas Eve mass after hosting (and participating in) keg parties at the house
- Billy dreams of making a grand entrance at his wedding with a fog machine and zip-line
- Pop had a more complicated family tree than I's more like a forrest of intertwined vines and branches.
- the term for "wooden spoon" in Hungarian sounds extraordinarily like an English profanity
- and a handful of other family secrets that would have your sides splitting in laughter and your jaws dropping in shock. But if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

I learned that I am a border-line boring human being with a family line that is anything but. 

They say with age comes wisdom and I think I'm learning that too. 

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