Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That awkward moment when...

.. you ask the person sitting directly in front of the only outlet in the room if you can plug in your computer cord.

What's that? Not so awkward you say? 
Consider this:

At approximately 11:52am I lapped the Baltimore room of the Student Union not once, but twice, in search of a vacant outlet.  The girl sitting in front of the only outlet without electrical occupant was obliviously listening to embarrassingly loud pop-music blaring from her headphones. I blindly grab the square base of my charger out of the front zippered compartment of my old gray Jansport (yes, I wear a backpack, and yes, it is the same one I carried in 7th grade) and gesture to her what I think signals "Do you mind if I plug this in?"

By the quizzical look her wide-eyes and burrowed brows responded with, I think the gesture actually delivered a message more along the lines of "Hey, I'm a stranger but I'm showing you the charger for my MacBook and the Tampax Pearl I keep in my backpack just in case." 

The moment I realize I'm waving feminine products in this poor girls face I blush and nonchalantly return the tampon to its home in my backpack, and swiftly duck under the table to plug in my charger without a response. 

It happens. 

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