Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rising Senior

"Good Morning Rising Senior,"

... who, me?

This is the greeting in an email I received this morning from my Academic Advisor in reference to next year's block-scheduling. Since freshman year I've dreaded registration day because my indecisive nature makes choosing classes a much more long and grueling process than it ought to be.

This year, I don't even have the option to choose my classes for next semester, as senior year for Education Majors means block scheduling and student teaching.  I've looked forward to simple registration for quite some time now, but the reality that fall 2011 begins my final year in college has proved to be more daunting than all my registration dates rolled in one.

Am I the only one unprepared for the beginning of the end?  It's hard to accept the fact that I'm moving past a period of my life where my biggest stressor was choosing what time to take "Children's Literature" on a Thursday morning...

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