Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. What type of cell phone do you have and how would you rate it?
I converted to the Blackberry World Christmas of 2009.  I absolutely loved it at first, and it's probable that I wouldn't have survived two months in Spain without it! However, three Balckberry 'Tours' later and a dismissal from my insurance company, I am ready to make the next cell-phone transition.  Iphone for Verizon anyone? 

I'd give my BBtour a 7.0. 

2. What has been your most serious injury?
(Knock on Wood) I've never really had any serious injuries.  I may or may not have broken my little toe last year and refused to wear anything other than my cowgirl boots immediately after the event ... bad choice.  I also got my jaw knocked out of place when I was around 11 during an indoor soccer game.  I sprained my wrist playing soccer once too.  But in hindsight, I probably overreacted and just really wanted one of those cool velcro braces.  

3. What is one movie you hate and why?
Alfred Hitchcoks' "The BIrds."  I watched it at a young age and it severely bolstered my fear of winged animals.   

4. How many email addresses do you have?
Two: one for school and one for junk mail. 

5. What website do you waste the most time on?
It's a toss up between Blogger.com, facebook, and most recently, Twitter. 

6. Which mexican restaurant makes the best salsa?
CHILIS!!! I don't know if this tex-mex chain counts, but I would gladly sip their salsa through a straw.  

7. What is your dream car?
I always wanted a BMW X5 - white, tan leather interior.  I think I would look really good i a luxurious white SUV ;) 

8. If you could spend up to $100 with no strings or restrictions or guilt, what would you buy?
A new pair of jeans! 
... or sunglasses, or pumps, or a cocktail ring, or...

Ok $100 is entirely too easy to spend. 

9. What is your favorite board game?
Scattergories! My family and I play every Thanksgiving and it always becomes unnecessarily competitive but I love me a good word game. 

10. How often do you change your hairstyle?
Rarely. I always yearn for change but don't have the time to style my hair myself, nor the courage to ask for a brand-spankin-new style at the salon.   Right now my hair is nearly elbow-length and easy to blow out or throw up in a low pony.  

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