Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preschool Flattery

In a matter of 2 seconds and 1 full breath, I was greeted in the yellow room today with,

 "Ms Alensis remember when you came yesterday and I said hi I wanted ice pops but we played inside then outside and you looked pretty, where did you get all of those jewels, will you rub my back?" 

Shocked and impressed with the munchkin's ability to recall, summarize, flatter, and inquire all within the limits of one long run-on sentence without breathing, there was only one way I could respond; I laughed.

"Ms Alensis why you laugh?" 

I don't know, munchkin, you just make me happy.

I can appreciate that he's learning to butter up the women in his life prior to asking favors.  I wonder if he knows this is the exact tactic my boyfriend uses to get everything he asks of me.

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