Saturday, March 3, 2012

Month of Nutrition

I think that typically, March conjures up immediate thoughts of all things green and/or Dr. Seuss.  However, did you know March is also National Nutrition Month? For me, nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand.  Or at least they should. Coincidentally, my last Group Fitness/Personal Trainers staff meeting included another organization involved in the campus health coalition, the dietitians.    

"Be accountable for yourself."

These four words were the most important things I walked away with after this meeting with Chris Blackburn, a former Biggest Loser contestant.

Chris came to our University yesterday to give a free lecture about health and well-being for all students.  He was nice enough to come a couple hours earlier to attend our staff meeting to talk to us about the best ways to work with physically and psychologically obese clients.

Chris was 368 pounds at his highest recorded weigh-in. He is also a two-time marathoner, a triathlete and a motivating group fitness instructor.  Still, he is a diagnosed Compulsive Over-eater. "My mind is still mentally overweight," he confessed.  

Chris lost 100 pounds in seven months but still struggles every single day with making nutritious decisions.  He admitted, "I love being in t he gym.  You could put me in the gym all day. But when I go home, it's just me. I have to be accountable for myself to eat right." Amen! I don't know about you all, but I feel this way exactly. And it's hard for a lot of us.  

"Convince yourself every single day to make healthy choices." No one else can make these decisions for you.  Chris said that the best trainers, instructors, and dietitians he had worked with were the ones that didn't say "I." "I knew you could do it."  I want you to set a goal to eliminate all carbs this week."  To a person battling with weight struggles, the only effective motivator is someone whom asks them what their goals are.  The best trainer is one who makes the client self-reflect; you should ask yourself "Have you tried before? What about that didn't work?" "What is your goal?" 

Not only was Chris' advice beneficial for the fitness coach in me, but also, I think I can translate all of what he said to myself. In a lot of ways I could relate to Chris' story.  It's no secret that I love working out. But I truly struggle with being accountable for myself when it comes to food.  My crazy schedule this year has made it hard for me to account for how much protein, grains, carbs, etc. I ate throughout the day, and I've been guilty of ignoring healthy methods I have found successful in the past.  

With it being Nutrition Month, I am going to keep Chris' story in the back of my mind and promise to use positivity to motivate myself.  I will only keep foods in the house that I know I won't regret, and I am going to plan exactly what I will eat for the day to eliminate any slip-ups. 

Does anyone else have a nutrition plan for March?
Stay accountable. Stay motivated.
:) Happy March!


Olga said...

Nutrition is definitely important if not more important than exercise! Even though it is hard to eat healthy sometimes :p

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I met Chris a couple months back at the Association of Fraternity Advisers meeting in St. Louis. I had NO idea that he was a Biggest Loser contestant! Way cool. He is an awesome speaker, and knows so much about being a great leader!

Happy Weekend!

Keep Shining,

stephanie said...

I'm working my tail off to lose the last of the baby weight {15 lbs to go!} and that includes running a six miler on st pattys day. I am excited but so nervous :)

Ashley said...

I have been on a low carb thing for a few weeks now and I have given up all drinks but water and been exercising as much as my schedule allows (but its been about 5ish days a week so far) and I already feel better after almost 3 weeks. Its just great and I feel better about myself! Last night was the first night I went out to dinner since I started and it wasn't hard to make smart choices!

Madilene Lake said...

This is so great!
I'm actually running a 1/2 marathon the Saturday before Easter, so I'm using March as my training/healthy eating month. I definitely agree about only having foods around that are good for you - it helps so much! As a new follower, I can't wait to read more!

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