Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday - a preface to Spring Break.

On this Thursday before my spring break from elementary school officially begins,  I proclaim that it is absolutely OK that I did not plan a single lesson last night.  It is OK that I came home from class, made dinner, and sat in front of the television watching American Idol with a glass of wine instead of doing anything even moderately productive.  Typically, this is not OK. However, today my students have their 3rd art class of the year for an hour this morning, followed by a half an hour of P.E., followed by another hour of  a “Sock Hop” (their quarterly school-wide book log event), finally to be followed by lunch, recess, and an Easter craft before dismissal.  Life is good in sixth grade today.

It is also OK that as a student teacher, I didn’t have spring break with the rest of the University. Initially I thought this was the opposite of OK.  I thought that I would be depressed and lonely and bored for the entirety of the seven days that the rest of campus was partying and sunning in Punta Cana.  Much to my surprise, it was peaceful and productive on campus while everyone else was off participating in college recess debauchery.  Now, I have a full ten days off before Easter and I could not be more ready for it.  E-town, New Jersey may not be as thrilling or warm as Mexico but I am excited to relax nonetheless. 

Another reason it is OK that I didn’t go on spring break yet? I had two people in the past two weeks ask me where I went for spring break because my I "look tan."  To these people I responded with pleasure that I indeed stayed in sunny College Park.  To myself, I silently thanked Mother Nature for unseasonably warm March weather during which I was able to drive with my top down and run for miles outside.  Let’s just hope the weather holds out this afternoon for a three and a half hour drive in the convertible and another opportunity at bronzing!

Additionally, it is OK that last week I discovered that my life is very heavily dependent on peanut butter.  If Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter wasn’t single handedly keeping me alive in my state of poor college girl status, it would be a majorly unhealthy and border-line dangerous addiction.   

One last thing. It's questionable whether or not it was OK that during a game of "two truths and a lie," one of my students admitted, "My mom's name is Julisa, I like violence and cheese, and I hate hexagons." I'm not entirely sure which is the lie. Also, I'm debating how much concern to express.  

Coming to you from College Park, wishing I was in Savannah like this time last year, Happy Spring Break, Ya'll. 


Olga said...

I'm with you on the peanut butter! recently developed a dangerous addiction. BTW can't believe a child said "I like violence and cheese" lol what?!! I would be concerned as well!

Madilene Lake said...

Oh the things kids say! Strange, but entertaining none the less! Hope you have a happy Thursday!

Sarah said...

Love this post! I love hearing stories about your students...the two truths and a lie cracked me up! Also, I was thinking the SAME thing about peanut butter the other day but more or less thinking how depressed I would be if one day I was suddenly allergic to peanuts. YIKES. I seriously eat it every day, especially when I eat apple slices!

Rachel said...

Oh my word, Julisa! I'm dying over that one!

Also, I neeeed that Paula life size cutout! :) I can't wait to visit Savannah!

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