Monday, September 24, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend, I had a job interview. 

I baked a lot of brownies. I also brought said brownies to the MU tailgate prior to their spanking of the Sacred Heart Pioneers  ;)  They were football shaped ... the brownies, not the Pioneers.  C said they were one of my "better creations." 

(not my picture. as soon as my darn iphone decides to sync with my computer I will upload my own and not use google.)

I had my first bite of Popeyes Chicken. 

This weekend I also wore my brandy new Tory Burch sneakers. They were dark blue of course, because that's the only color I sport from August through November.  

It officially became Fall on Saturday, so I thought I would allow myself to wear closed shoes to the football game.  They didn't last long though, I changed into my flip flops by half-time. 

(I miss summer already.) 

1 comment:

Syndal said...

those bow flip flops are adorable!

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