Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make Me Wanna Roll My Windows Down...

Around 8:35 this morning I was standing in line for my iced coffee behind a particularly grumpy woman. When the very polite young man behind the counter requested her order, she curtly demanded her latte. She tapped her pointy kitten heeled toes and grimaced for the entirety of her 50 second wait.  Even with latte in hand, she marched out the door sulking the whole way. 

The sun was shining, she began her morning with a coffee and hey, it's Thursday - the weekend is just around the corner.  Why the misery?

My only explanation (besides perhaps she was upset about her hideous shoes) is that she must not have had her windows down on her morning commute today.  Because how could someone be so gloomy on a sun-shiney day with the promise of a 75 degree high?! 

Yep,  I bet her windows were up on her way to work this morning. Just saying.

I am just going to come out and say it: if you are driving anywhere in the central New Jersey area this week with your windows up, AC on, I am judging you. 

It is beautiful in Hometown, Jersey today. I woke up chilly, donned my favorite outfit of shorts and long-sleeves, got in the car to go to work and immediately put my windows down. Bliss. 

The feeling of driving down the highway with fresh air blowing through your hair is euphoric.*  Especially this time of year.  You cannot argue that the air tastes the freshest, and feels the crispest as the seasons transition from summer to autumn.  So why are your windows up? 

There is no reason to not be blissfully content on a day like today if you are getting some fresh air. Am I right? Or am I right? 


Coincidentally, I can't get enough of this song from Florida Georgia Line. 

Baby you a song, make me wanna roll my windows down, and cRuUisSeee ;)  

*OKAY so maybe I'm a little biased being the driver of a convertible vehicle all year round, but still. 

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