Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Photo Fun

I said I was going to attempt to jump back into blogging full swing, so why not post twice in one day? Linking up with Savanah to start slowly but surely start publishing my life on the internet ;)

Wheras I used to complain with the rest of the world come Monday morning, being a Stay At Home Daughter (which I will endearingly refer to as SAHD from here on out,) Monday mornings are really just an extension of Sunday.  My days are all blurred together and Mondays don't feel as bad as they once did.  However, I can still reminisce on the fun I had with the rest of the people in my life who live for the weekends. Here's what's on my phone as of recently:

 Our last night at D'Jais: the dance club at the beach where I frequented at least once a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  A favorite locale to shake your butt for free over-sized t-shirts and cheap light up jewelry.

 Celebrating a big MU Football win over the University of Rhode Island at a local college bar with C, his partner in crime and teammate, Mike, and Mike's girlfriend Erin.

Sandy toes.  The girls I nanny live at the beach, so this is just a snapshot of one of our September days in the sand.  

I can never get enough pictures of this boy in uniform!  He rolls his eyes every time I ask him to take a picture after a game, but I don't care.  :) 

Another big win for the Hawks!  MU won their first conference game vs Wagner this past weekend. Couldn't be more pumped!! 

Happy Monday! 

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