Monday, September 17, 2012

Back in Action.

May 9th, 2012 marked my last post on this blog of mine.  Since then, I progressed to terp alumnus status, moved in and out of my beach house, moved back home and claimed title of Stay At Home Daughter, and began a series of exciting/depressing weekends at which I pretend to still be a college student during C's football games. I also have not worn pants since May 9th, which is irrelevant but nonetheless encouraging.  

I missed blogging, but to be completely honest, I had way too much fun at my beach bungalow to even think about opening my laptop. To my surprise, I had a few people tell me they missed my blog. While this was flattering, it was not enough for me to leave the beach and find a wi-fi hot spot.  However, now that Fall is right around the corner and beach weather is slowly diminishing, I find myself with the time to enter the blog world once again.  

Prepare yourselves for an ambush of pictures and anecdotes from days on the beach, nights at the bars, and the times in between where I pretended to be a nanny and productive member of society.  

Summer went by way too fast, but alas, I have re-entered reality.  I am job-hunting, body pumping, football-watching, babysitting, and finally, blog-writing.  Bear with me while I warm back up to writing and catch myself up in the blogosphere. Also, while I consider maybe taking my long pants out of storage.  

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Hey little lady! I love that this is happening... Can't wait to keep up with your life again! We had the same thought process this morning :) Miss you TONS. xoxo

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