Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sixth Grade Conversations...Overheard

Diva: I played softball yesterday. It was so fun!
Ms. Thang: Huh? You play ball? You on a team? 
Diva: Yeah but they named us the worst name, like, I can't believe they would name us after a team that is like so, so bad... We the Orioles."
Ms. Thang: That is a stupid name! Who would name a softball team after a COOKIE?!
(Lord help us all.)

Mr. Know-it-All: negative three times negative four (-3 x -4) has to be positive because I remember Ms. Y saying two negatives equal a positive.
Ms. Smarty Pants: Don't you know anything?? Two wrongs don't make a right.  
(I'm worried about how I am going to explain that one tomorrow...)

Shy Boy: Will you sign my year book?
Diva: OK, my picture is ugly but it's ok I'm SEXY AND I KNOW IT. 
(...gotta love Pop Culture.)

*FYI: All of these dialogues were overheard outside of instructional class time.  They actually have these conversations upon their free will. I can't make this stuff up.  

Happy Thursday! Exactly one week left before I leave my sixth graders and I cross the threshold from student intern to (unemployed) certified teacher on the hunt for a job! Yikes.  

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*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Ahhhh, this made me LOL!!! Love it!!!!

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