Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here's to the Nights

My tongue is still slightly berry-stained from the cheap bottles of red wine I shared with my roommates last night. I overslept by twenty-seven minutes and I'm still feeling drowsy.  My eyelids are just slightly pink, yet obviously puffy, and my voice is noticeably more raspy than usual.

So here I am, feigning composure in my wrinkled white J.Crew cardigan, pretending to do work, but really reminiscing on last night's "final supper" of sorts.

My roommates and I decided to cook a homemade meal of entirely too much Italian food and consume entirely too much wine as a final girls' night prior to our moving out.

It was a "happy-sad" feeling: laughing about all of our antics since freshman year, and crying over the fact it will be much harder to continue those antics after we are no longer sharing an apartment.

Last night was just the first night of a string of events leading up to our graduation.  I'm preparing myself for the next week and a half of "happy-sad" moments.

Here's to all the nights we have had together, and all the nights the next chapter will bring.


Monica said...

Awww moving out is hard! I hope things work out for all of you though!

Laura said...

Enjoy yourself!

Brittany TYD said...

It sounds like the rough morning was totally worth it!

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