Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Closest I've Ever Come to Dying

I am almost positive that I just came the closest I have ever come to dying.  

Every time I take one of the classes in the Les Mills Grit Series I experience one of the most intense 30 minutes of my life.  Tonight? The first of the cardio series.  I pushed myself in the last set of sprints to be the first to finish like I've never pushed myself before.  I was successful. And then I wanted to let my shaking legs collapse and drown in my own puddle of excessive sweat.  Just kidding. (?) 

As a result, I am still trembling slightly even as I type this - two hours post work-out.  During the 30 minute training I reached my maximum heart rate, kept it there, and burned 402 calories. Impressive enough for a half hour workout.  And then I let my heart rate monitor do it's thing for another hour after the class.  In that hour post-Grit, I sat my butt down in the Gym's lounge, drank a bottle of water and a protein shake, and burned another 400 calories. 

In concluesion: 30 minutes of Grit + 60 minutes of nothing = 802 calories burned.  
Thank you, Les Mills After Burn Effect :) 

And now excuse me while I go work on my Beach Body some more...Body Pump up next.
PS: Check out what other high intensity classes Beach Body has to offer here

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Grit is awesome! I teach Pump and Combat and am toying the the idea of getting Grit certified.

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