Friday, August 23, 2013

I'd Go Anywhere

In high school, I found a boy whom I would chase anywhere.

The slight chance of seeing him sweaty and cranky after his Friday night football game had me regularly skipping home games at my own alma mater.  His job bussing tables had me cheating on my favorite pizzeria to eat where he might be.  And when he didn’t bring me to his high school dance, I stuck around until he did. 

He hasn’t gotten rid of me since. Not that he really had a chance anyway.

Over six years later, Loverboy and I are smittenly inseparable. And now, post-high school young love, post long-distance college relationship, he is taking his first steps toward a new career.  These steps are in the direction of Huntington, West Virginia, at Marshall University.  

Guess what I did.

I followed.  I applied to Marshall University to earn my master's degree in Literacy, to research rural education, to jumpstart my career as an educator. and to live close to the boy who I will never get tired of chasing. 

This marks the beginning of our new adventure, together. Exploring a new state, a new school, a new career, with not-so-new company. 

To borrow the words of Jake Owen:

West Virginia, Baby I don't care.

"I'd go anywhere, anywhere with you." 

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