Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fashionably Late

Classes have started here at Marshall. According to me, my first class wasn't supposed to be until Thursday.  According to Marshall University and my self-regulated class schedule, my first lecture was Monday at 4:00pm. Imagine the melt down that followed this realization at 5:09pm. 

After frantically calling my mom, Loverboy, and the only two contacts I have recently aquanted myself with in Huntington, I decided it would be in my best interest to do as my advisors recommended and hop on my beach cruiser to speed to the lecture for which I was then an hour and twenty minutes late.

Let me illustrate the scene for you:

I am sitting on the couch aimlessly navigating the Internet in my sweaty sports bra and gym shorts. I am feeling accomplished after a satisfying gym session, an apartment-wide vacuum, load of laundry, and meal prep.  In the midst of productivity I decide to log on to the MU portal where my class assignments are posted.  I think, hm, maybe I can prepare for my class on Thursday like a good little graduate student.  Seconds after inputting my username and password my class schedule alerts me that I needed to be in class from 4:00-6:20.  Panic surfaces and my thoughts become unclear.  How could this be? My first day of class is going so well. Too well.  THIS IS A GRADUATE SCHOOL NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Fast forward 10 minutes and I am apologetically explaining to my professor (and head of the department that hired me for my graduate research assistantship) that I am not usually an irresponsible airhead ... just sometimes.

Luckily my professor (and head of my department - have I mentioned that?) is an understanding man and was able to laugh about the entire ordeal with me.

Everyone cross your fingers for a more punctual rest of the semester.

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