Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is that Italian?

There are a few things I have come to expect when I am introduced to someone in West Virginia:

"Where are you from?"
New Jersey.
"Oh New Joisey!   
(I just want to know who in New Jersey ever, ever pronounces "Joisey.")  

"Have you ever seen 'The Jersey Shore?'"
Yes, I have seen it.  No, it's not really like that. 

"What's your last name?"
"Is that Italian?"
No, actually it's not even close to Italian. 
I can tell you what else isn't Italian ... the fast food restaurant down the street advertising half price "spaghetti" and fresh "Italian donuts."  

Gotta love Huntington.  

1 comment:

Diana Kovacs said...

this made me laugh and miss you xxoo <3 Glad to see you're having fun ;) !!!

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