Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let There Be Light

On Saturday afternoon (5 long days after Sandy hit) most of my close family members had power back. With no cable/internt, and a ration on gasoline, cabin fever was really hitting hard.  But at least we had electricity.

My cousin and I decided we needed to get out of our respective houses before going crazy.  And so the question arose: What does one do on a Saturday during a state of emergency? Our original plan to go to Loverboy's football game was destroyed in Sandy's path (his University is located along the Jersey Shore ... alas, game canceled.) Well, with our power back and a determination to "get out" we did what any logical person would do.  We drove to another cousin's house to start a bon fire.  

Yes, we left the warmth of our homes to go sit outside on a frigid November evening in front of a wood-burning fire.  The luxury of heat we hoped and prayed to gain for five long days was forgotten as we set up our s'mores and spiked ciders around the fire.  And I wouldn't trade that night with my family for any amount of the electricity we missed the week before.  

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bailey j said...

this is so lovely!!

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